Rules and Policy for

Here at Zhopped we offer free photo and image editing services. It is done by members who have good hearts and are willing to take upon the task for a total stranger. We ask that all members follow these rules and policies while maintaining good etiquette. Our goal is to foster a fun and helpful community.

For All Members:

  • Do not steal or utilize copyrighted works of others
  • No pornography. No pornographic references. Nudity utilized in a creative, artistic fashion, however may be accepted depending on scenario.
  • Please keep your posts clean from profanity.
  • If you see anything you suspect of being in violation or find offensive, utilize the report link located in the dropdown of every post or report it through our contact form.

For Requesters:

  • Do not be judgmental of others' photo editing. Negativity is not accepted here. Everyone is at a different level of expertise with their software. Be grateful that someone is taking their time out to help you.
  • Do not be demanding and impatient. Sometimes it may take time to get a response. Some edits are more complex than others, while others may pique one's attention more. Sooner or later, someone will come along and help you out.
  • Give a thanks and upvote those who have helped you. It is the least you can do.

For Editors:

  • It's good to have a little fun once in awhile and have some humorous edits for entertainment value. We love to see that. However, we frown upon derogatory actions as well as negative intent to humiliate someone.
  • Do not ask for money. We will open up a donation feature very soon.

Changes in Rules and Policy

As our site expands and new situations arise, we may find it necessary to alter, expand, and/or revise the rules and policy listed here. When they are updated, we will announce of the changes on the front page.