Site update: Newly improved point system


After hearing feedback and analyzing for ourselves, we’ve decided to update our point system for Zhopped. We believe this change in scoring will allow for more people to engage with the site. It will also create more value for voting of edits, which will result in an overall boost in quality of edits.


Note: No points have been taken away from anyone. We simply scaled down the value of edits from 51 to 5. All the upvotes (1 point each) you had attached to the your edits remains untouched.


Downvotes now affects overall user score whereas in the previous point system, downvotes had no effect. The leaderboards now reflect this new scaling down of points as well as the upvotes/downvotes accumulated in the past. However, no one will ever lose more than they’ve earned. Example: Bob has an overall score of 20 points. After Bob makes an edit and receives 5 points, his overall score totals 25 points. Later, eight people did not like his edit and downvotes him. The thread will show -3 points for his post. Bob’s overall user score even after the downvotes, still totals 20 points.



Changes made 8/29/13:

  • Points for edits scaled down from 51 points to 5 points.
  • Leaderboard reflects newly scaled point system.
  • Your overall user score as well as leaderboard now incorporates downvotes.