Zhopped.com has now been restored


As you may have noticed Zhopped.com was down the past few days. We are now restored and have returned to normal. Our server’s hosting company was hacked which was something beyond our control. We lost about 5 weeks of worth of data through a hacking exploit that compromised the server host, which also corrupted some of our backup data. We were able to restore as much as we can. Sadly some users may need to recreate their usernames. If you are unable to log in, we lost your account registration as result of the data loss. If you had an old image request that does not appear on the gallery of requests and you need the edit again, feel free post it again and someone will re-edit for you. Some of the recovered edits can be found after the jump. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please continue to support our site by simply sharing the site with your friends and liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. We will strive to make improvements and add features as the site grows. Thanks.


Some old recovered requests and edits by our members:



Remove my sisters hand out of the pic to make it look like she is sitting up by herself

Before:                               After:

babybefore     baby after



Put me in XXL magazine with name Nathan Grey and TeamHighGrade:

Before:                               After:

xxl mag before     xxl mag after 1 xxl mag after 2



Remove the guy from the scene and add my puppy

Before:                               After:

before girl sitting     girlcliff2



Change the background and make an instagram ad to follow @niofye:

Before:                               After:

instagramad1     instagramad2